Performance & Progress on iOS

Spring 2013


The goal of this project was to translate the Unit Progress, Lesson Performance and Unit Catalog features that I designed for the Web App to so that users could access these features on their phones using our iOS App.



For this project I worked directly with the iOS Developer to set objectives, timelines, and QA for design implementation.


As Voxy, I would like to...

  • Maintain interaction and design consistency with the rest of the iOS app
  • Provide users access to the same tools available on the web app
  • Generate positive emotions and increase motivation
  • Encourage users to spend more time in the app and to complete more lessons


As a user, I would like the ability to...

  • To see overview of performance for all skills
  • To drill down into each skill to see performance details
  • To see which Units are active
  • To see progress over time in each of these Units
  • To see which skills are being focused on in each Unit
  • To browse available Units
  • To change active Units
  • To adjust content topic preferences


Visual Mockups

Below are some examples from the visual mockup phase of the product development process.

This process is particularly important for iOS apps since the apps must be resubmitted and approved by the app store to implement any changes.