Photo Flashcards App

Spring 2014

Photo Flashcards is a fun and innovative way for non-English speakers to learn basic vocabulary by personalizing their flashcards with their own photos. 

The Photo Flashcards application also includes a confidence-based Review Activity that helps users learn vocabulary more efficiently. 

As they review their Photo Flashcards, learners will rate how confident they are in their understanding of each word.  Flashcards are then sorted into confidence buckets, learners can then focus their study time on the ones with which they are least familiar until they’ve mastered all the words in the application.


My Role

As the lead designer, I worked closely with the product manager to design this entire app. We coordinated with an external development team to build the app.



The deliverable for this project was a 30-page document describing the state of each screen and explaining the interactions. An offshore development team used the document to create the app. 

Images for photo flashcards

Images for photo flashcards

Research and Sketching

Before getting started on this project, we spent some time researching other flashcard apps, vocabulary building apps, and educational game apps. 

To design this experience I started with a photo. The basic objective of the app is to display a flashcard that has a photo on one side and the vocabulary word on the other side. From there, I came up with a list of questions from the user's perspective:

  • How am I interacting with this image?
  • Do I know this word?
  • When am I done studying?
  • How do I personalize this flashcard with my own photo?
  • Am I getting better at remembering these words?
  • Is this word related to the previous or next word?

The answers to these questions became the app experience.

Excerpts from interaction document