Voxy Activity Instructions

Fall 2013


Problem identification

Based on data analysis we know:

  • The more time learners spend using Voxy, the more likely they are to convert. 
  • The more time learners spend using Voxy, the more their proficiency increases. 
  • Users that have completed one lesson have a much higher lesson completion rate than users that never finish their first lesson. 

By digging deeper into the numbers, we noticed a large drop off rate from the number of users that started a lesson to the number of users that completed a lesson. 

This led to a hypothesis that by improving the experience after the user has entered the lesson, we could increase the number of users that complete a lesson. Thus increasing user proficiency and product conversion. 


Possible solutions

  1. Create an experience that more intuitively directs the user to the desired action. 
  2. Build a walk-thru tutorial that helps first time users get oriented with the workspace and different activities. 
  3. Optimize the experience for first time users by more explicitly setting the users expectations.

Based on resource availability and known value over effort, the product team decided to start with the 3rd option and iterate on the activity instructions to see if that would be enough to get more users completing their first lesson.  



The results were that we saw an increase in the number of activities completed and a decrease in customer service inquiries about how to complete a lesson – de-prioritizing further exploration on this data point.